About Me

I am a Software Developer currently focussed on gaining deep knowledge of identity management systems. I believe Self Sovereign identity has a key role to play in ensuring individual freedom is maintained and expanded in the information age.

Questions On My Mind

  • How can we have anonymity in identity systems while retaining trust and accountability?

  • How might we define cryptographic policies based on top of Verifiable Credentials?

  • How does Self-Sovereign Identity fit into national identity management systems?

  • How might we take steps to prevent the technology we create today being misused in the future?

  • What measures can we take to ensure that freedom, instead of being a rare exception, will become the normal, natural and stable condition for ourselves and our descendants? - The Transparent Society

  • Will the Self-Sovereign Identity model be a viable alternative before the majority of the world's population is involved in one oppressive system or another?

  • How might we use our existing legal and social constructs to emphasise the value of this new model for identity

Papers I am Currently Processing

Please ask me about them!

A Long Overdue Update

April 26, 2019

It’s been a while since I took a step back and reflected on my progress and development as a researcher and generally a learner in the fast-moving field of identity, cryptography and everything in between.A lot has happened. A whole university term…

MyData comes to Scotland

March 22, 2019

Last week the MyData community meeting and general meeting were held in Scotland. It was the first community meeting I have attended and the first time the newly elected board of MyData global met face to face. This combined with the timing of the…

Rebooting the Web of Trust 8 - Barcelona

March 11, 2019

Rebooting the Web of Trust was a melting pot of ideas where experts from across the identity community come together to develop whitepapers and code addressing some of the most pressing issues in the space.Probably the best community, conference…