About Me

Experienced software engineer. Identity and privacy-preserving cryptography researcher. I believe digital tools for relationship and information management has a key role to play in ensuring individual freedom is maintained and expanded in the information age.

Questions On My Mind

  • How might we ensure that the digital systems we create today are resilient to a future we cannot predict?

  • How can we have anonymity in identity systems while retaining trust and accountability?

  • How might we define cryptographic policies based on top of Verifiable Credentials?

  • How does Self-Sovereign Identity fit into national identity management systems?

  • How might we take steps to prevent the technology we create today being misused in the future?

  • What measures can we take to ensure that freedom, instead of being a rare exception, will become the normal, natural and stable condition for ourselves and our descendants? - The Transparent Society

  • Will the Self-Sovereign Identity model be a viable alternative before the majority of the world's population is involved in one oppressive system or another?

  • How might we use our existing legal and social constructs to emphasise the value of this new model for identity?

  • How might we begin to build systems that will empower the next generation of digital citizens?

Papers I am Currently Processing

Please ask me about them!

Getting Started With MIRACL Core

December 15, 2019

Over the last few weeks I have been getting to grips with the MIRACL core cryptography library - which describes itself as: MIRACL Core is a multi-lingual and architecturally agnostic Cryptographic library that supports elliptic curve cryptography…

Facebook Erased Me

December 04, 2019

Last month I got erased from Facebook. No warning. No communication. Just one day when I tried to login I was faced with this message: Leaving me thinking, hmm that’s weird, probably just a mistake I don’t see why my account would be disabled. I…

PhD Thesis Proposal: Evaluating Identity Ecosystems

September 24, 2019

This is a brief summary of my current research focus and objectives for the rest of my PhD - I have two years. I write this in preparation for the MyData 2019 conference and would welcome feedback, comments and questions. If you are at the conference…